TV Hungry

This may not seem even possible to most people but warnings to new neighborhoods come in all the time.. Even the tv designer was amazed by the capability this secret project had since nobody wants the liability when something goes wrong.

Lady was walking along so nice like she usually does for her daily walk and noticed some flickering lights from neighbors living room. She looked and one by one the tv was sucking people into it like a giant vacuum. She just froze in disbelief for a moment then the tv shut off and back to normal she took the chance to call the local police. Luckily its been happening to others too so she wouldn’t seem crazy. when she finally made it back home her husband was watching a game show and the neighbors were contestants. they seem a bit confused but played well.

He change channels to news then the tv started to open up and looked like a tornado pulling and man the tv let out one heck of a fart he looked around for turds none in site, in they went quickly. Then they were at the news place being interviewed and all our answers were already on script. they played along the best they could with curiosity about to burst out of their heads. Then they heard people complaining about not being able to get back home.

After everything was over we heard a crash with a few cuss words then there stood big foot. He told us he would help us get back home. So we followed him threw the basement to a secret room full of tvs of future advancement. Then he coughed up a hairball and dug the key from that. As we all stood the wind came a grabbing us and back home we went. So we blew up the tv for peace of mind and in the process we thought we heard a bear laughing.

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