Messing with the story idea

They approach the darkness of the woods with caution, as all their fears seem to overcome their minds at once. Yet something deep inside acted as a guide threw the unseen.Like this guide held the sight. Step by step they went on threw the forest of many creatures. Now they heard sounds of growls of many kinds as they became surrounded by many Hungry large animals. Yet none has yet attacked.
The beasts suddenly felt at ease with with the presence of what seemed as a predator. Yet every action remained the same as in a state of shock took the focus. Soon like a choir of birds changed everything by the chirping that was very annoying. now a large number of birds gathered in squeaking as they did. Started covering all the beasts in poop. So this was enough to scare them back to where they came. Some of these birds were a little more then simple. They were strong eyes of connection for nature. As the sudden disappearance into air by the large animals sent signals to natures alert.

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