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I know many of you are to scared to search the word hacking fearing you will come up on a hacking site and get busted by the feds.  will we did the dirty work for you and found all the best sites.

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  • WhatsApp for Business: Standalone App Set for Release
    It seems like WhatsApp is finally ready to launch its new standalone app for businesses to interact separately on their platform. In an FAQ on its website, it detailed how WhatsApp for Business is going to work and its features. The interface of the app remains the same, but the features afforded to businesses differ from […]

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  • Cloudflare[.]Solutions Keylogger on Thousands of Infected WordPress Sites
    Update Dec. 8 2017: The cloudflare[.]solutions domain has now been taken down. A few weeks ago, we wrote about a massive WordPress infection that injected an obfuscated script pretending to be jQuery and Google Analytics. In reality, this script loaded a CoinHive cryptocurrency miner from a third-party server. We also mentioned a post written back in […]