• Help me to make a right choice please ...
    Hostsailor.com and libertyvps.net have attractive VPS plans which are low cost and nice for me and I don't know which one is the best to host my blog with?
  • My VPS or Domain Host DNS?
    Steep learning curve I have just purchased a vps service to host two php/mysql driven sites. I have it all up and running using my domain hosts dns to point to my domains. Is this the best way, or is it better to set custom servers at my domain host and use the vps dns, […]
  • Is HostBill worth its Price ?
    We are planning to switch to HostBill for our upcoming project. Any one using HostBill here ? How would you rate it compared to WHMCS ?
  • Need to know your point of view
    ************** and hostwinds.com servers are suitable for my demands and I wonder which plan would you advise me to do?
  • iran vps?
    what is the point of an iran vps? as i noticed traffic appears to be cheaper then most offshore locations.